Complete Guide to Swedish Massage Techniques

Swedish massage is arguably the commonest massage delivered in various spas in Dubai. If you are yet to experience the magic of a massage session, then it is recommended to go for a Swedish massage session, at a top –rated spa. It would be quite helpful if you have some knowledge about the different aspects of the massage. Following a short guide is the way to gain more information. This blog provides some points relevant to the techniques and related sides of Swedish massage. Continue reading to gather information on this matter.

The Effleurage Techniques

These are essentially circular strokes applied in Swedish massage, to the affected regions of the body. The main characteristics of these techniques are sliding and gentle pressing by hands and fingers. The technique helps the therapist to get accustomed to the contours of the client’s body. It is meant to warm up and prepare the body.

The Petrissage Techniques

The core of these techniques is kneading the body of the client. Deeper pressure is applied in this technique. But, the amount of pressure remains gentle. It is meant to improve blood circulation. Also, it helps in getting rid of the knots in muscle tissues.

The Tapotement Techniques

The essence of these techniques centers on rhythmic striking with hands. The strikes do not induce any pain. The target areas are the more muscular regions of your body. It is meant to stimulate the reflexes of the body, focusing on the nerve endings to the last detail.

The Friction Techniques

As the name suggests, mainly friction is used in applying these techniques in a Swedish massage session. There is a more vigorous rubbing of palms on the affected regions of the body. The techniques improve the lymphatic flow and speeds up the healing process.

The Vibration Techniques

The rhythmic action in this type of technique is mainly a combination of back and forth movements. The therapist uses his fingertips to massage. It is particularly beneficial for sportspersons. The massage techniques are aimed to strengthen the muscular build of the body.

Interact With the Therapist

It is essential to talk to the therapist in between the massage sessions. Exchange views and let him know about your experience. He will get clearer ideas about how you feel due to the application of a range of techniques. It will help the expert to coordinate better.

Hire Experienced Therapists

It is extremely important to hire a therapist who has several years of experience in delivering premium massage Dubai. You can check out his credentials by talking to the management of a massage center.

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